Cheers from Caracas

as I write this I’m in my hometown’s Park enjoying the Sunday and planning some really subversive stuff.

Enjoy the view

For those of you who don’t know, this is a kinetic art piece called “Esfera Caracas” by one of the great exponents of that movement, Jesus Soto, him along with the recently deceased Carlos Cruz-Diez have decorated with their works many places here in Venezuela.

I’ve never been much of a fan of modern art because I feel that aesthetics is a moral imperative, be that as it may the works of Soto and Cruz Diez are all over the place, making the already dreadful devastated landscape of hellish city planning a little more tolerable.

I wrote some of these lines under that tree.

That’s part of the “new” expansion of the Park an allotment of land that used to be part of the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Airbase. Chavismo has used this place many a times to host lavish exhibitions of the glorious achievement of socialism.

So you can see signs and structures seemingly without a reasonable explanation to be there

Like that fucking thing. It looks nowhere. What are those spectator seats for? To look at wut? The contaminated Caurimare buildings? And I say contaminated because sometime during Chavez’s tenure he had a whim to place in front of those residential buildings a Concrete and Cement factory causing respiratory illness and increasing the risk of chronic obstructive lung disease to everyone in that area.

Also there’s bad weeds everywhere and except for a couple of really nice gourmet restaurants that offer products made with proof of origin ingredients as well as some imports the place has little to offer than to attract people to stretch their legs.

If you look at this closely you’ll see that this sign has been paints over and over.

This is the tubing that feeds this dried up fucking artificial lake

Also look at the original artificial lake it’s a fucking cesspool of plastic and contamination

I know that the National Park Institute has little to no funding and to expect that government will actually give a damn about where it’s citizens spend their free time is just folly.

the Park lives on the same nightmares of cash shortage and the lack of infrastructure to fund day to day operations such as amusement rides for the visitors.

here’s a close look at this boat replica

also a big iguana

The best shoes are adidas superstars

Good day to you, friend from the internet.


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