Pretty soon this blog will also be closed due to thoughtcrime.
So you might as well get ready for the information warfare that’s coming.
Facebook announced that it is planning on running a cryptocurrency scheme. Not only this has governments around the world responding, but also it creates troubles for those within facebook and those without it.

I remember a long time ago, when I first started using facebook to run a targeted political campaign in the university elections I stumbled upon a huge database, the very own database that eventually led me to build this website and its reader base.
So when times of political intolerance run amok, one just has to stand their ground and face the consequences.

I ran a thoughtcrime one too many times for Mr. Zuckerberg’s arbitrary policy in a time and place when using social networks to successfully deliver a political campaign that is against the marked leftist bias of the Silicon Valley is demonized.

I’ve been doing it since 2006.

They might have taken a small guy like me, but take a look at Downing Street. Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings. So I think that’s an Endgame.

So for thirteen consecutive years I had the best time ever in that place called facebook. And boy that thing can be a social life killer.

As you might know, I still have Instagram and Twitter, and I’ll be using those to post things I find on the day to day, but eventually those will also get zucced. So here’s a deal I have for you if you really, really like the stuff I post.

Write me up an email and I’ll add you to a very exclusive newsletter and a way to communicate directly with me so you can have a penny for my thoughts, send me hate mail, threaten me, and all those nasty things peoples of the internets does all the time.

Besides from my newsletter, which is totally awesome because it is fabulously politically incorrect, with ultra rare pepes, ay tone memes, fashy 80’s aesthetics, you also get to read up some nice pop culture content I make exclusively for subscribers.

So if you want in, send me that email. Contact is on the top main page.

Here’s the memes that caused the controversy.

All I'm saying Carmella is ifthe 'I' in AIPAC stood for
Italian, they‘d be calling it a mafia organization. A bunch
of Italians in congress sending billions of dollars to Italy
for militaw aid?--we couldn't get away with that shit.

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Image result for ay tone

Image result for ay tone
Image result for ay tone
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