The “Reset button”

How many times have you had to hit the “reset button” on your computer because it froze and it can’t move your forward in your work or what you’re doing?

Well it just so happens that life has the same option for you, albeit this is not an easy option, it’s one that you ponder, think about and feel dazed and confused about it.

Hitting that reset button and starting over ain’t easy because it requires you to have the maturity and understanding that you need to put into the garbage bin everything else and most importantly find what’s important to you.

Oftentimes you find ourselves in a shitty job, a crappy life, stuck and without a purpose, we feel as though we hit rock bottom and where does that lead us? A downward spiral of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll? This isn’t the case, most of the times we find ourselves without no other choice rather to move on. When we are poised with these sort of choice we have two big alternatives: success, thrive, prosper in the pursuit of happiness or fail miserably and end up in a shabby apartment with bottles cramming up the floor, the sink full of scum and dirty dishes and a bottle of psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs, waiting for us to take them and send us into the demise.

Although this might sound like a bit of a rockstar ending, let’s stand up and face the music, let’s wake up and smell the coffee, we are not rockstars and our death won’t end up in the cover of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and any other mainstream media outlets and much rather the last page of crime events at a everyday newspaper. If we die we most likely, if we’re lucky end up in the obituary pages of some local newspaper, with a couple of words of whom we’ve left behind and that we are mourned.

For those of us who want to leave something else behind other than a legacy of giving up on life, ending up with out wrists slit in a bathtub with some wine glass and some pop artist like David Bowie playing endlessly with a suicide note idea that we pulled out of google isn’t quite the choice.

We are vitalists, we thrive, prosper and trample over adversity. Many of our influencers from the past century chose suicide to leave an lasting impression on the world, but we are not Yukio Mishima, having our works published before we were forty, we are not Erwin Rommel, having conquered north africa with tanks, we are not Heinrich Himmler or Hermann Göering, having commandeered the Schutzstaffel and the Luftwaffe in a push to rid the western hemisphere out of the degeneracy of communism. Our lives are simple, And yet we we feel that after that all that we have accomplished there’s nothing else out there for us. There’s no opportunity and no shots for a generation that has been deeply embedded in an ocean of information where we can find any kind of knowledge for free out there for us just with a few strokes of a keyboard in a  search engine.

Why has this happened?
Why is it that in the present time, our generation, a generation that was promised by the boomers to be the one that could actually change the world is so reluctant, self loathing and unwilling to put its own foot down and actually make a dent in the annals of history and civilization?.

I believe this has happened for two reasons: For one thing, of all the information that we can access there’s an (((elite))) that’s hellbent on telling our generation that instead of being proud of who we are, our art, our history, our in-group preference and what we have done and accomplished, instead we are to feel ashamed and terribly sorry for whatever mistakes were done in the past and have nothing to do with out current generation.
The other reason that I believe that my generation is so unwilling to hit that reset button on the whole aspects of their life is mainly out of fear, and the fact that the educational system has failed them, it has programmed them through deceit, conflation, lies, pseudoscience and a ridiculous economics bubble that has taught, duressed and forced them to amass this huge amount of debt, without actually learning the tools to confront the savage world that’s posed in front of them.

Nowadays you are most certainly to do a little bit better in the job market with a college diploma, but when your studies don’t actually give you the tools to face the real world you are faced with the shocking truth, a truth that hits you in the face with a brass knuckle as you have amassed a giant amount of debt that you will spend the best years of your productive life paying tuition debt while you do a job that you feel is shitty all the while you are hating yourself for being who you are.

This is the reason while generation Y’ers need to hit the reset button, find whats important to them: Family, fatherland, in-group preference, faith and belief in whom they are, what is ti that they do and, where they come from and discard everything else.

I became an M.D., pursued studies in an MBA in the pharmaceutical industry only to find out that in my country the opportunity to have a job in an industry in ruins in my homeland due to regulations, and that abroad, with a single google search won’t even dare to hire a white nationalist in their ranks that are ridden with political correctness and codes of conduct. A single google search of my twitter feed is a guaranteed proof that I’m incapable of being hired just for thinking the way I do and not because of the tools that my wonderful university education gave me.

Social Justice Warriors always lie and have taken control of every major aspect of the institutions that with proper guidance can make the world a better place. So it’s as though we are holding on to nothing while we stand in a world amongst the ruins.

I call upon white nationalists worldwide with businesses to look for people for us, we are many, we aren’t afraid to work for you, we are willing to make your businesses prosper, thrive and help us albeit we can’t do it alone. With the miserable salaries that many globalist companies are paying us outsourcing our jobs to Sanjay, Harambe and Mahmoud, we are left without a choice than to hide amongst the orwellian social justice warrior thought police, bite the bullet or just mainly try to work a 9 to 5 job, trying to pay off our debt, not being able to provide to our family or become automats, to become another brick in the wall without the possibility reaching our dreams.

The outlook might not be so good, we are all trying to live a simple life, finding what’s important to us and sending to the trash bin everything else. This is a hard choice, it involves a certain character, but once you choose to go down that road, there’s no way back. You must burn the ships, you must stay and fight your way through it. Even if it implies dealing with your own demons, and having to make ends meet.
This new year might not have a good outlook, sometimes it feels as though Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” has all the the aspects of the current day even though it aired in the eighties, the world is quite the fucked up place, nuclear North Korea, ISIS, democrats trying to regain control of both houses, Catalonia on the brink of destroying the kingdom, chavismo shooting pregnant women of a hunk of pork in the streets under a scorching sun, economic downfall, hyperinflation in Venezuela, talking to your relatives via skype because they managed to escape the country, refugee crisis, etc. We can outlive that. We’ve managed to deal with the crisis although we weren’t the ones that created it.
This might sound depressive but I am not the optimistic kind, after reading Oswald Spengler and many others I came to terms with the fact that optimism is cowardice, we must face the reality, not avoid it nor avoid its consequences.

2018 might bring upon a shitstorm, but we can still use an umbrella to try to save ourselves from the fact that no one, but ourselves can save our asses from the fact that there’s little we can do if the elites in power decide to keep playing us the way they do. There’s no opening for a revolution, there’s no shot at changing the system. The system is rigged against us, but we can make the system work and live by our rules our way without having a crosshair painted across our foreheads. It takes time, there are many people out there like me, trying to make ends meet fighting the zog, the poz, and SJW’s.
With tradition, family and country we can make our lives a lot better.
We don’t need the yacht, nor the 7500sq ft condo to make our lives better, all we need is each other. Fight hard, learn a trade, work and try to be happy so we can stand still amongst the ruins.

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