The democratic intolerance of @marujatarre

Today I want to direct attention to the series of tweets that Maruja Tarre, a recognised international affairs specialist made on the preferences of republican presidential nominee Donald Trump voters.

Here’s the tweet: The greatest advantage that Trump has in in white non-college educated males, the vote of ignorant brutes (Are they a majority?)

(In case she deletes it after this piece, as she and other people at the venezuelan politicking status quo enjoy to do, here’s a screen capture.)

Opposition journalist Eleonora Bruzual replied to that tweet by saying that there are many people that for many reasons haven’t done any university studies and that doesn’t make them brutes, and highlighted the fact that the academic educated brute also exists.

To which Tarre replied that that is true, but although it is not politically correct to say it, Donald Trump voters are ignorant brutes.

When I saw the public conversation on the timeline I decided to jump in:

Maruja Tarre angrily replied to my tweet by saying that she is intolerant to imbeciles and that if I felt alluded, I have a right to feel that way.

In a show of bigotry, intolerance and contempt for their fellow countrymen, for I am as Venezuelan as Maruja Tarre, I’d like to make use of more than 140 characters and publicly reply to Ms. Tarre by writing a few points on her public attack against me.

I feel alluded indeed.

Not for being uneducated, for I am an MD, teaching and also pursuing a Business Management Specialisation at the same University at which Ms. Tarre graduated.

I feel alluded for being a venezuelan man that supports Donald Trump, which is something that breaks the widely spread stereotype pushed by the same mainstream liberal media for which Ms. Tarre contributes in her op-eds that claim that GOP supporters are white ignorant males.

Ms. Tarre it is cowardly from your behalf to use your genitalia to shield yourself from elegant, well penned, and respectful criticism.

You might not like what Donald Trump has to offer, but the fact, whether you like it or not, is that Donald Trump is the candidate of the GOP, picked by the majority of the voters of that party, his candidacy has reshaped the face of the Republican Party, and even RNC Chairman Reince Preibus has publicly acknowledged the fact that Trump has brought more people into the republican party.

So if you support the democratic process, you shouldn’t criticise the decisions of the majority Ms. Tarre.

After all, us, in the republican side do call upon the attention of the general public the hypocrisy of the party that founded the Ku Klux Klan to put Hillary Clinton in the democratic presidential ticket, not with the direct voting of party members, but through a mixture of undemocratic processes such as caucusing, super delegates, and pledging.

We’re criticising Clinton not because she’s a woman, but because of the fact that she has proven inadequate for holding the highest office in the land for the things she has done during her different tenures: First Lady, the Senate and the State Department. These things include the Benghazi cover-up, the email probe scandal, creating a Uranium market for India, Russia and Kazakhstan, etc.

Not only is Maruja Tarre attacking Donald Trump voters by preaching discrimination based on race and genitalia, she’s doing it by hiding in her womanhood to shield herself from the replies that masculine right wing figures might throw her way.

She’s publicly stating that it’s politically incorrect to call Donald Trump voters ignorant and brutes. But let’s reframe that a little bit.

What would happen if a white educated male minority (like me) says that the average Hillary Clinton voter is an overly intellectual liberal, feminist,bigoted ugly woman?

That’d be considered gender violence.

If a woman discriminates against somebody based on their genitals and political preferences it’s considered progressive, liberating and avant-garde. But if a male criticises   a woman for showing a political preference in a respectful way, he’s considered a caveman.

Well so much for gender equality there…

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