when to stop saying things

it has happened to several people, you look on you preferred social network timeline and you see a post by someone that you just cant seem to agree, a post you want to comment.

I don’t want to be any more controversial that I already am. The recent decisions in my life have led to several of my peers meddling into my private life because of the opinions I expressed in my websites, and although I am quite aware of the consequences of any action on a social network, my life is my own. It does not belong to a certain few to manipulate or thwart.
I don’t want my life to be part of a constant scrutiny, my private life is my own, I separated myself from being a public elected official, I no longer hold office, I no longer am in a position where my decisions touch several people, I decided to go underground and focus on the things I deem and consider important, I use these tools as a window to send the world my message, and sometimes I send too many messages, and those messages, and lately in general every single thing that I do is subject to the analysis, judgement, and oversight of a number of people too busy with checking out my life than on themselves. 

I remember when I held office that my comments on any particular matter were oftentimes subject to analysis and criticism. And I learned to respect those views. Nowadays the panorama is quite different, the attacks I face come from people not affiliated with a political agenda but these attacks come from a personal point of view. Based on hearsay. No one asked me anything, and yet some people come to me and say: “Hey, this person is saying these things about you”. I don’t like these things, however I face them everyday.

For those of you saying all these things, you know where to find me and how to contact me. I don’t want to fight, I just want to live on, I won’t try to argue or hold anything against anybody. I just wish that these accusations, these blasts, all this bad blood goes away. 


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